Wednesday, August 17, 2016

If you're a girl you need to know about THINX

I've been following this rad company for a while now and I finally made the move to try out their PANTIES! In fact, I first heard of them when I went to Socialight Conference two years ago and had the fantastic opportunity to hear Miki Agrawal speak.

So what's so special about this company and PANTIES? Well you might not believe it if I told you, but imagine being pads/tampons free during your periods - this is what I'm talking about!

THINX is disrupting the feminine hygiene space with their liquid resistant panties made for that time of the month.  You can check out how it works here!

Not convinced they're cool? Here are my reasons for loving them:

    • Not only are they help us girls be free from our pads and tampons during that time, they're also helping reduce the tons of period-related waste that goes on each month! (i.e. disposable pads and tampons!!...or even that ruined underwear!!! )
    • SAVE MONEY on your period needs!! It just doesn't make sense to
    • Look sexy.  No more bulging panties like you're wearing a diaper!!

And best of all... you get to try it with you me and SAVE $10 dollars! 

I just got mine and patiently waiting for it in the mail! Look out for my review of it soon! AND...what this video!

So what's your excuse?

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